What type of business needs answering services?

Any business can use Call Answering. We have small companies, small shops and very large multinationals companies working with KAS. All our clients get our professional KAS answering service receptionists to answer your calls in your own company name, and we do our very best to convey the impression that we are sat right in your office when taking your calls.

You might need KAS if:

  • You need to concentrate on other areas of your business and need to create free time to do this.
  • Answering the phone takes you away from the important work.
  • Your existing staff are overloaded and delegating extra work will affect their ability to meet current deadlines.
  • You cannot physically accommodate another person but need the extra resource
  • In your absence your business needs a contact person to keep the business running
The benefits from using KAS include:

  • Knowing your phone is being answered and no new business is being lost.
  • Being able to create valuable time so that you can concentrate on winning new business and growing it
  • A reduction in the price you pay for support services
  • The ability to create a strategic partnership, with a highly skilled business owner
  • Not having the costs associated with having an employee – tax, NIC, SSP, holiday pay, maternity leave
  • No need to supply office equipment
  • No need to supply office space
  • No need to find extra staff.
When you are not available, we will be
No missed calls, no lost business

Why Use KAS

Our Clients think we are the best.

Many customers have tried someone else before and many have been recommended by our existing customers to come to us. Of course some were just plain lucky and found us first.

“Just wanted to say thank you for everything so far it’s really helping us out massively and taking a lot of stress away!”

Why are we different?

As providers of a comprehensive call handling solution, we take the time to investigate and thoroughly research your company and with you, we will be able, to answer questions about your company, its products and its services. This allows us to deal with your callers’ questions in far more depth, while giving the impression we are actually part of your team, which is how we like to think of ourselves… an extension of your business.

✓ We can inform your customers of expected delivery dates and times.
✓ We can book appointments for your customers onto your own diary.
✓ We can tell your callers when you are likely to call them back after checking your diary, give out information on your available schedule, etc, etc.

Details of each call are then forwarded to you immediately by text message and/or email, or we can connect callers directly through to you if this would suit your needs better.

Who Uses KAS Call Answering?

We currently offer KAS call answering services to businesses all over the UK and work with a variety of sectors, including:
Boat Agents
Roofing companies
Training companies
Telecom companies
Commercial cleaners
Networking groups
Web designers and developers
Design and Print houses
Plumbing and heating engineers
Fire and Safety companies
Bathroom companies
Security companies
Livery and stables
Landscape companies
Emergency Telephone Answering Services are ideal for:
Technical Support
Maintenance Support
Service Providers
Sales Order lines

If you own an answering service business but are tired of all the headaches such as staffing, hiring, and equipment purchasing, we invite you to keep your clients & just outsource to us! How it works is simple: you would retain all of your clients while outsourcing your calls to us.